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Introducing Lipolicious®

Age-Related Metabolic Support Supplement

Dietetic Fat Metaboliser

$134.45 Regular price $142.10


Specially formulated to support fat metabolism in ageing adults.


Designed for individuals experiencing the natural slowdown of metabolism associated with ageing, this supplement is ideal for those looking to combat these effects. Whether you're aiming to enhance physical performance, maintain an active lifestyle, or manage age-related metabolic decline, this product offers a targeted solution.

Lipolicious® is a dietetic health supplement designed to optimise your daily intake of capsiate and a careful selection of bioactives found in citrus fruits. Capsiate has been clinically proven for its efficacy in supporting crucial metabolic pathways necessary for fat metabolism. The specific formula of Lipolicious® ensures that your body is provided with sufficient amounts of capsiate and citrus bioactives essential for supporting fat metabolism in ageing adults who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Lipolicious® is expertly formulated to specifically address the dietetic management of age-associated metabolic challenges, providing targeted support for metabolic enhancement and overall wellness. As a part of your daily regimen, Lipolicious® offers multiple benefits to enhance your quality of life as you age:

  • Increase Fat Burning: Lipolicious® helps in boosting your body's ability to burn fat, empowering you to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.
  • Boost Metabolic Rate: As metabolism naturally slows with age, Lipolicious® is designed to increase the base metabolic rate, aiding in the more efficient conversion of food into energy.
  • Enhance Energy Levels: By optimising fat metabolism, this supplement improves overall energy levels, supporting more vigorous daily activities.

Lipolicious® works by enhancing the natural metabolic pathways that favor fat burning. The active ingredients, capsiate and citrus alkaloids, are known to help put the body into a ketosis-like state where fat is preferentially burned for energy. This helps in managing weight and maintaining high energy levels as we age. Supported by a detailed case study in collaboration with a registered sports scientist in Australia, Lipolicious® has shown effectiveness in revitalising metabolic health.

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Health Expertise

APOC Science® proudly partners with Blue Fox Health, a distinguished Australian Allied Healthcare Provider. Our collaboration involves a dedicated team of Australian registered Health Scientists and Dieticians.


Lipolicious® is specifically developed for the dietary management of conditions related to a slowing metabolism, such as:

  • Age-Related Metabolic Slowdown: Lipolicious® supports the management of the natural decline in metabolic rate, aiding in maintaining energy and vitality.
  • Age-Related Weight Management: This supplement plays a crucial role in supporting weight management challenges associated with ageing, helping to promote fat burning and reduce fat accumulation.
    Including Lipolicious® in your daily routine can significantly contribute to managing and overcoming the metabolic challenges associated with ageing, enabling a more active and healthful ageing journey.


The core of Lipolicious® comprises carefully selected capsiate and citrus alkaloids, known for their ability to accelerate metabolism and promote fat loss. This formulation ensures that your body remains in a fat-burning mode even during periods of rest. The effectiveness of Lipolicious® in enhancing metabolic rates has been validated through a comprehensive case study in partnership with an Australian registered sports scientist. We are currently finalising the analysis and preparing our findings for publication.

Lipolicious® distinguishes itself in the market as a premier metabolic support supplement. It utilises phytomulsionTech®, a cutting-edge emulsifying system that significantly enhances the solubility and bioavailability of capsiate and citrus alkaloids. This technology ensures that these potent ingredients are effectively delivered into the bloodstream, optimising their fat-burning potential.

This unique blend stands at the forefront of dietary innovation, aiming to redefine approaches to metabolic health. Each dose is crafted to meet safety and efficacy standards, offering an optimal amount of bioactive ingredients. With Lipolicious®, experience a significant enhancement in metabolic health, helping you manage weight and maintain vitality as you age.

Age-Related Metabolic Support

$134.45 AUD Regular price $142.10 AUD
  • 120 mL Lipolicious® Supplement Bottle: Experience the benefits of our premium health supplement, conveniently packaged in a 120 mL bottle designed for ease of use and maximum potency.
  • Spill-Less Oral Syringe: Included is a spill-less oral syringe, making dosage accurate and mess-free, ensuring you get the precise serve every time.
  • Bottle Top Adaptor: Our custom bottle top adaptor fits perfectly with the spill-less oral syringe, it’s pre-inserted, allowing for seamless and efficient supplement administration.
  • Supplement Features Card: Discover the key features of our supplement with the enclosed product features card, which highlights the major benefits and innovations of our formulation.
  • Personalised Gift Card: A special gift card is included in every package, perfect for sharing health and wellness with friends and family.
  • Supplement Information Leaflet: Find detailed information about the supplement, including usage instructions, ingredients, and health benefits, in our comprehensive product pamphlet.
  • Specially Designed Supplement Box: Everything is housed in a specially designed product box that not only protects the contents but also presents them beautifully—ideal for gifting or personal use.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Use the included spill-less oral syringe for hassle-free liquid measurements.

Serve 4 mL daily in one go; preferably morning or pre-exercise.

Do not exceed the daily recommendation of 4 mL unless directed by a healthcare professional.


  • Bioactive Ingredient: capsiate [naturally sourced from green tea (Capsicum annum)], synephrine [naturally sourced from bitter orange (Citrus arantium)], naringenin [naturally sourced from bitter orange (Citrus arantium)], hesperidin [naturally sourced from bitter orange (Citrus arantium)], nootkatone [found naturally in grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)], resveratrol [naturally sourced from grapes (Vitis vinifera)]
  • Delivery System: water, phytomulsionTech® [hydroxpropyl-beta-cyclodextrin, thickener (1520), emulsifier (322)]
  • Vitamins and Minerals: iron gluconate, vitamin B₂, vitamin B₁, potassium iodide
  • Excipients: preservative (211), flavour [energy flavouring compounds), sweetener (955)]

  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not recommended for children under 18, unless directed by a health practitioner.
  • PREGNANCY. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.
  • PRECAUTIONS. If taking medications or have a health condition, seek advice from a health practitioner before taking this product. This product is a Food For Special Medical Purposes. Do not use if tamper seal is broken or open.
  • ALLERGEN. Flavours are manufactured in a facility that produces products containing milk, soy, wheat, gluten, and sulphites.
  • STORAGE. Keep closed in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.