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A graphic representation of how our technology encapsulates the bioactive nutrients in our liquid supplements.

Liquid Supplements vs Capsule Supplements

Written by: Octavian Dixon Ritchie



Time to read 2 min

phytomulsionTech® boosts how well your body absorbs nutrients by using HPBCD to create a liquid delivery system. In doing so, it improves nutrient effectiveness compared to regular supplement capsules.

Our Liquid Supplements Delivery System

Our liquid delivery system, phytomulsionTech®, harnesses the power of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HPBCD) to maximise the potential of the bioactive nutrients of our liquid supplements. Research has shown that when the bioactive nutrients of our supplements is combined with HPBCD, they are over 100 times more water-soluble than the bioactive nutrients alone [1].

What is phytomulsionTech®?

phytomulsionTech® technology represents a groundbreaking advancement in bioactive nutrient absorption, transforming the effectiveness of bioactive nutrients within your body. By harnessing the power of HPBCD, known for its safety and efficacy, in combination with approved surfactants and emulsifiers in phytomulsionTech®, we've engineered a cyclodextrin liquid delivery system that maximises the benefits of bioactive nutrients. Specifically, phytomulsionTech® significantly amplifies the bioavailability of the bioactive nutrients of our supplements.

This innovative approach means that a daily intake of just 120 mg of ecdysterone, the bioactive nutrient in our Exercise Support Supplement, Atheris, equates to an impressive 1,200 mg of bioavailability in your body, matching the high intake standards of Olympic athletes and bodybuilders who typically consume around 1,000 mg.

What Does This Mean for You?

It means that once ingested, the bioactive nutrients dissolve much better, enhancing its absorption in your digestive system. This significantly improves how well and how quickly your body can use it. In fact, this advanced delivery method makes the bioactive nutrients in our supplements 10 times more bioavailable than standard forms [2]. By integrating this scientifically-backed HPBCD system into phytomulsionTech®, we ensure that you get a superior, more efficient supplement.

Happy, active people enjoying the benefits of liquid supplements.

phytomulsionTech® Superiority Over Capsules

While other supplement companies are integrating cyclodextrin into their capsule products alongside active ingredients, they overlook a crucial detail that sets our phytomulsionTech® technology apart. 

In these capsule products, the active ingredients and cyclodextrin are merely adjacent; they are not truly complexed together into a delivery system. In contrast, our phytomulsionTech® technology takes a more advanced approach by reacting the active ingredients with cyclodextrin to create a pre-complexed liquid form and ensure a more effective delivery system.

When bioactive nutrients (such as ecdysterone or turkesterone) are merely mixed with cyclodextrin in capsule form, some improvement in bioavailability is noted when compared to consuming these nutrients alone. However, this method falls short as the digestive process does not guarantee the complete complexation of these nutrients with cyclodextrin. 

Numerous variables within the human digestive system, such as the contents of the stomach and intestines, the time for capsule disintegration and dissolution, the stomach's acidity, and the presence of other lipids, can impede the reaction of bioactive nutrients with cyclodextrin. Given these unpredictable factors, relying on the body's natural complexation process is not the most effective approach.

Recognising this, scientific studies prefer to pre-complex cyclodextrins with bioactive nutrients to ensure a more uniform and controlled delivery, thereby avoiding inconsistent absorption rates. This meticulous approach is exactly what our phytomulsionTech® embodies. The liquid cyclodextrin formula in our supplements mirror these scientific methodologies, ensuring that the bioactive nutrient is fully and effectively complexed with cyclodextrin. This guarantees enhanced absorption and bioavailability, offering a superior option compared to the bioactive nutrient and cyclodextrin capsule combinations. 

With phytomulsionTech®, you are choosing a product that aligns with scientific standards, ensuring optimal potency and efficacy of supplement bioactive ingredient delivery.


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