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Understanding Cyclodextrin Complexes in Dietary and Sport Supplements

Understanding Cyclodextrin Complexes in Dietary and Sport Supplements

In the dynamic world of nutritional supplements, a key player has emerged – the cyclodextrin complex. This complex is revolutionizing how we absorb and utilise bioactive nutrients, the potent compounds found in plant extracts often used in supplements. Let's delve into this fascinating subject and discover why cyclodextrin complexes are making waves in our industry.

The Challenge of Bioavailability

Bioactive nutrients are known for their health benefits, but they face a significant hurdle: poor bioavailability. This term refers to how much of a nutrient is actually absorbed and used by our bodies. Many of these nutrients are lipophilic, meaning they are attracted to fats and resist dissolving in the water-based environment of our gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, they can undergo metabolism by enzymes or fermentation by gut bacteria, which further reduces their availability.

The Cyclodextrin Solution

In response to this challenge, scientists have developed cyclodextrin complex delivery systems. These systems enhance the bioavailability of bioactive nutrients, ensuring our bodies can absorb and use them more effectively. This advancement has led to a surge in supplements containing cyclodextrin, all backed by scientific research suggesting improved absorption rates.

Cyclodextrin in Supplements: The Current Scenario

Many supplements now include cyclodextrin, but there's a catch. While these products simply mix the active ingredient with cyclodextrin in a capsule, scientific studies take a more sophisticated approach. They pre-complex the phytonutrient with cyclodextrin, creating a more effective delivery system. This pre-complexing process is crucial, as it ensures a consistent and superior absorption of the bioactive nutrient.

Why Not Just Capsules?

You might wonder, why not just use capsules with cyclodextrin and a bioactive nutrient? Although this combination does offer improved bioavailability compared to consuming the nutrient alone, it's not as effective as a pre-complexed liquid form. The digestive process might utilize some of the cyclodextrin to complex with the phytonutrient, but this is left to chance. A pre-complexed cyclodextrin formula ensures far superior absorption and bioavailability.

The Complexity of Natural Complexing

Several factors affect how much cyclodextrin the human body can naturally complex with a bioactive nutrient. These include the contents of your stomach and intestines, the acidity of your stomach, and the presence of other lipids in your digestive tract. Leaving it to the body to form an ideal cyclodextrin complex is uncertain, which is why scientists meticulously pre-complex their cyclodextrins with the phytonutrient.

APOC Science Innovation

APOC Science's liquid cyclodextrin complex-inclusion formula aligns with these scientific findings. It represents a significant leap in supplement technology. APOC Science's patented manufacturing method allows for the pre-complexing of cyclodextrin with bioactive nutrients, offering consumers a product where the nutrient is fully pre-complexed and dissolved in the formula. This ensures maximum absorption, minimising waste.

The Bottom Line

While having a bioactive nutrient with cyclodextrin in a capsule is better than taking the nutrient alone, it doesn't match the effectiveness of a scientifically standardized pre-complexed formulation like APOC's. This innovation offers consumers peace of mind, knowing they are getting the most out of their supplements.

APOC Science stands at the forefront of this technological breakthrough, offering a solution that ensures you get the most out of your bioactive nutrients, effectively and efficiently.

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